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Xenon allows you to try paid apps on the App Store for free.

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Be Confident With Your App Store Purchases.

Not sure if an app is worth your cash? We've all been there. Lucky for you, Xenon lets you try paid apps for a limited time before letting you get it.


Try and Buy.
Say No To Piracy.

Xenon allows you to try apps before getting them on the App Store. This allows everyone to use great paid apps and not resort to piracy. If you're happy with the apps you try, be sure to get the app after the trial and support the developers!

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Hundreds Of Apps To Try.

The Xenon Store app has tons of different applications for you to try for a limited amount of time! Use them, see if they fit your purpose and buy them to continue using them beyond your trial period.


Get your apps on Xenon.

Xenon is made possible by developers - all you have to do is sign-up and add the code to your apps, set the trial period and export the project. We'll deploy it on Xenon for you.

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