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In need of a small website for your business or portfolio? Try Fruitcake instead.

Cost-Effective Website Solutions.

Fruitcake Business provides incredibly affordable website design and development solutions for businesses, and has saved over $10 million for companies since 2016.

Fruitcake Business is a one-stop shop for all your organization's web needs, from a website to a store.

Fruitcake Business is incredibly cost-effective. We've helped our customers save over $10 million.

Fruitcake Business provides full support and coverage on technical ends for your organization.

Don't take our word - listen to industry leaders.

Codexia has worked with some of the world's most reputable companies for their web designing, prototyping and development work. Take a look.

Codexia has been very helpful in their designing and prototyping capabilities. Thank you for the great work!

Chevelle Takisawa

Designing capabilities of this team is understated. Beautiful work!

Erik Köhler

Very pleasant experience working alongside Codexia's web professionals to design and implement our services. Marvellous work!

Amber Horton
SEGA Europe

Thanks to Fruitcake Business, we've just launched our brand new website. Fruitcake Business packages have got everything we needed.

Alex Blokhin
Magna Consultancy

We're proud to have some of the world most innovative companies as clients


Affordable. Quality. Efficient.

Fruitcake Business plans have been created with in-depth insight and research from industry professionals to ensure that the plans cater to all the needs of businesses, while keeping the service incredibly affordable and maintaining the award-winning quality and efficiency of Fruitcake.

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Fruitcake Business plans cater to the needs of organizations of all sizes.

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