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You'll Get Spiffy, Smart Sites

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That Are Easy To Modify

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At The Most Affordable Cost

it's the world's most affordable service

And You'll Support Charities

20% of profits get donated to causes

All you need is a vision.
We'll make it happen.

Fruitcake packages require no technical knowledge - all you need is a vision of your dream website. Our very professional developers and designers will work with you to make your vision come true, and ensure your satisfaction.

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We'll take care of all the details.

Fruitcake covers all the aspects of getting a website up and running - it's all included in our packages! We'll take care of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the responsiveness and looks of the website, and even the hosting!

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Every Fruitcake Gives Back To Charity.

Codexia ensures that 20% of all profits are donated to a charity of your choice (of the approved ones like UNICEF and WFP). You can see how much from every order goes to charities on the Package list page.

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It's the world's most affordable service. Really.

The award-winning innovative package-based pricing allows us to meet your needs and save you a ton of money. It's incredibly affordable, starting at just $49.99.

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Websites aren't just websites.
They are identities.

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