Education + Tech = Fun.

We're making learning fun with technology.

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Often, students lose interest in subjects because of boring lessons and inadequate teaching materials. As former students, we want to change that - once and for all.

We've created a suite of apps to make learning fun.

Making Learning Anything Possible.

We're constantly improving our technologies to make learning anything and everything easier than ever - with the DeepDive™ technology with 3D field view, high-quality animations, life-like simulations, real-time chemical reactions and much more.

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Making Quality Education Affordable.

Codexia makes sure that our pricing is extremely flexible and affordable so that we can give access to our products to as many students as we possibly can - from the a middle school in the United States to a high school in India and beyond.

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Researched and Tested Methods.

Educators, schools and institutions around the world have used our platforms.

  • “Acetice is a brilliantly simple tool to make learning easier.”
    Marcus Rogers
    Middle School Educator - Florida, US
  • “Acetice helps us teachers create better content to supplement the lessons given at school.”
    Dorothy Moore
    Elementary School Educator - Connecticut, US

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