The Complete Studying Solution for Students.

Cubane integrates an LMS experience into an AMS, creating a comprehensive yet simple all-in-one app for students, educators and school administrators.

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Intuitive Interface

with accessibility integration

Feature Packed

with over 100 tasks and features

Fully Customizable

designed for your institution

Secure Design

comes with 128-bit encryption


Simple, Smart, Secure.

Cubane makes administrative tasks simple, and ensures a smarter and secure approach to connecting with faculty and students.

From easily issuing assignments to checking for completion, and signing up for new clubs to updating personal particulars, Cubane is an extensive and complete alternative to standard school administrative and learning systems.


Use Cubane's Powerful Platform, Anytime and Anywhere.

Cubane's dashboard is accessible anywhere and on any modern device. With its advanced features, the vital task of performing administrative work is reduced to a few clicks and done on an extremely powerful yet pretty interface.

Cubane is completely customizable to the branding of your institution - from logos and colors to types of features and much more. Contact us for a consultation!


Integrate Learning and Administrating.

Choosing Co-Curricular Activities, enrolling into modules, taking down the attendance, and updating personal details is as important as studying. It's time to integrate administrative tasks and learning into a simple interface.

Deploy Over 100 Features

Everything from a complete Attendance System to enrolling into CCAs, accessing examination results, looking at timetables, accessing staff information and much more is available.

Strong Integration With LMS

When deployed alongside Acetice, the Cubane platform works amazingly with deep cross platform integration to maximize learning and improve and streamline the system.


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