Partners (/ˈpɑːtnΙ™/): someone who takes part in an undertaking with another or others.
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Smarter Technologies

Codexia creates smarter and better technologies for people around the world. We can work with you and develop something new.

Global Issues

Codexia is passionate about important issues everywhere. If your organization deals with climate change or other global issues, contact us today.

Competitive Pricings

Our team is always there to work with our partners and help integrate our technology into your products with very competitive pricing.

Great Events

We'd love to partner with your organisation to make an event possible with our various office venues and our technologies.


OEM Partner Program

We love new and innovative products. We love them even more when they use Codexia's technology and features as a part of them. Contact us to become a OEM Partner and incorporate us in your products.


Partners Welcome.

Join Codexia Partners Today.