For Veterans

Take advantage of Codexia's Veteran Hiring Initiative.

We at Codexia believe that it is our duty to help those who felt it was their duty to defend us. We provide full employment training and placement for military veterans of most nations.

If you've served (voluntarily) in the armed forces of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan or Germany, and are transitioning back to civilian life, we are here to help. We provide skills training, among other services, to shortlisted candidates.

From computer programming in languages such as C++, Objective C, C# and Swift to web development and design, we offer a wide range of resources and grants for you to begin your learning online at over 20 course websites and universities or offline at our regular Codeup classes (in your area). This is a bond-free and completely free service.

Alongside skills training, we also provide employment to veterans through our hiring initiative. We usually guarantee placement at our offices across the globe, and find employment at other companies. This service is also bond-free, meaning you don't owe Codexia anything and don't have to work for us after your training is complete.



We require that applicants be a voluntary (not conscripted) member of one of the mentioned armed forces in the last three years.

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Apply for our Veteran Hiring Initiative.