We're a small start-up from the Bay Area.

We work with some of the world's most innovative companies and people.


Who We Are

Codexia is a San Francisco-based start-up that was founded in Singapore by a group of entrepreneurial students. We're a leading provider of web design services worldwide, for everyone from individuals to corporations. Codexia also provides intuitive and smart developer tools for companies that are geared for their technical demands. We build smarter tools and applications for developing, learning and creating for millions of people worldwide.


Changing the world, one line of code at a time.

Our Mission

Make learning easier, showcasing better and creating simpler.

Our Strategy

We treasure our customers, value our partners and love each other.

We're all around the world.

Codexia has team members from 9 countries (and counting).

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Founded & Established in 2012

Codexia was founded and incorporated by a group of 5 students from 5 different countries with 1 idea - to create something useful. We doing business as 'Replacers Coding'. 

Merger with Beta Byte in 2013

We merged with Beta Byte, a Norwegian app development studio, and received angel funding from private investors.

Launched eDevelop in 2013

We launched our flagship service, eDevelop. It was the ancestor of Fruitcake, and offered cheap web design. The product pioneered the tiered package scheme that is now getting increasingly common among low-cost providers.

M&A with Infinite iOS in 2014

We acquired and merged with our competitor and partner, Infinite iOS, and rebranded as Irrational Studios. Here, we came up with our current company slogan, The Possibilities Are Endless, a homage to the "infinite" in the name.

Crossed 1 Million Downloads in 2014

Our applications for iOS had been downloaded over 1 million times by mid-2014 and had reached 350,000 active monthly users on average.

Crossed 500 eDevelop Sales in 2014

We crossed the 500-client mark for eDevelop in late 2014. Our client base was expanding at an unprecedented rate, showing the strong market demand for low-cost and professional web design solutions.

Renamed to Codexia in 2015

In a bid to expand our vision and operations even further, we rebranded for a final time to officially become Codexia.

Crossed 2 Million Downloads in 2015

Our applications for iOS had been downloaded over 2 million times by late 2015 and had reached 1 million active monthly users on average.

Seed Funding Round I

In January 2016, we raised funds with our first seed round and successfully received funding.

Launched Fruitcake in 2016

The future of affordable web design was launched in early 2016 and catered to people and businesses.

Expanded Product Lines in 2016

We branched out to EduTech industry in late 2016 with FreshClass (formerly known as Skllz) and plans to create a LMS.

Established TourLabs in 2017

Together with innovators, developers and students, Codexia established TourLabs, an autonomous subdivision creating unique travel, artificial intelligence and augmented reality apps.

Crowdfunding Round I in 2017

In October 2017, we raised funds with our first crowdfunding round and successfully received funding.

Rebranded in 2018

With the new year of 2018, we worked on a new Codexia. We successfully launched new products & services, rebranded our company visuals and employed a fresh, new marketing campaign to show the vibrant nature of our products. At the same time, we carried out another new round of crowdfunding to raise funding for our upcoming projects and community initiatives.

Crowdfunding II in 2018

We closed our second crowdfunding round, showing the public and investors our promising services and products that can reshape the way developers create, users share and people learn.

Launched In-Game Advertising Service AdLabs

In April 2018, we finally launched our new service AdLabs as a separate entity from Codexia. AdLabs is a ground-breaking new way to advertise smartly inside multiplayer games.