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Carbon Compose is an audio editing and creation software that anyone can use.



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Virtual Instruments

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Easy To Use

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A New Interface
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Compose 0.6 has landed, and it brings some amazing changes that you've requested.

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Create, Jam and Compose.

Carbon Compose is an advanced collaborative music creation and editing tool, with an intuitive design and simple features that let anyone to create their own studio-quality music. From in-built instruments and smart AI drummers to collaborative music creation, Compose is designed for anyone to pick up and play.


Use Your Own Instruments.
Or Use One Of Ours.

From pianos and keyboards to synths and electric guitars, Compose has over 150 high-quality software instruments that can be played with an external keyboard or the in-built software one. You can be the one-man orchestra with Compose.

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Use The Drum Kits.
Or Get It To Drum For You.

Compose comes with a smart artificial intelligence called Drum (creative name, right?) that plays along with your music and can even add bass to the track. It detects what genre and style you are creating and automatically composes tunes that fit it. Neat?


Become A Professional DJ With The Compose DJ Booth

Compose comes with a fully-featured DJ Booth that lets you be the life of the party with synth pads, mixers, virtual turntables and other good stuff - in your browser. What's more, you can use Spotify, Apple Music or upload songs to play right from your PC or Tablet.

Compose DJ Booth does not allow your tracks created in Compose to be played and mixed at the moment. We are working on this functionality!

Loop, Mix, Match, and Edit.

Compose comes with tons of fully-featured tools that enable advanced audio editing, from Visual EQ and Pitch Editing to Audio Looping, Restoration and Clean Up functions. Edit on anything from vocals to voice recordings with Compose.

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Sing, Record, and Autotune.

Compose enables vocalists to use microphones to sing and record their vocals to overlay over karaoke songs or their creations in the app. Compose also features autotuning abilities to alter vocals to fit the notes and progression of a song.


Enjoy Complete Accessories Support With Compose.

Compose is constantly adding support of tons of different types of accessories and physical equipment - with some accessories becoming virtual and usable in-app, such as Guitar Pedals.


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