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Carbon Code is designed from the ground-up with power users and development teams in mind.

Code supports the ability to use 12 languages and supports over 20 file types for effortless integration.

Code enables seamless real-time collaboration between up to 90 other people in the same file.

Enable True Satellite Coding.

Carbon Code is a snappy and responsive coding notepad app that runs fluidly in any modern browser, and comes with cool advanced features that overpower any old native notepad app.


Thoughtful Design.
Brilliant Features.

Powerful Performance

Code comes with tons of appearance customization options and hundreds of powerful features that make it great for beginners and pro users alike - and fully supports 12 languages for coding.

Integrated Cloud-Based IDE

With an IDE built right into Code, you'll never need another application again. What's more, with seamlessly collaboration with up to 90 other people and amazing portability, Code works anytime, anywhere.

Don't Just Code. Create.

Carbon Code makes the little annoying things that developers hate relics of the past. Forget about saving files, finding errors that are messing up your work or even finishing strings - Code has got you covered, so you can focus on creating.

Never Lose Your Work Again

Save yourself the hassle of repeated saving - with an internet connection, Carbon Sync saves everything.

Get Ahead With Intelligent Features

Enjoy smart code correction and completor coupled with a hyper-advanced cloud-based notepad.


Make Errors. We'll Fix Them.

Code comes with a comprehensive intelligent error correcting system that automatically detects and fixes issues in the code for you. If you're a pro, you can turn this off in a single click.

Codexia's Technologies Are Used By Some Of The World's Brightest

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