It's the Cloud Age.

Carbon Cloud is the cloud storage and collaboration platform used by every Carbon Suite application, and comes with 50GB for everyone to use, free.

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50GB of Free Storage.

Carbon Cloud gives users 50GB of FREE cloud storage to use with Carbon Suite apps, or to store your files in the extra space you have left.

Collaborative Cloud Apps.

Carbon Cloud's technology enables the hyper-collaborative nature of the Carbon Suite apps, providing the underlying tech and infrastructure needed.

End Saving and Crashes.

Carbon Suite's key feature is to end incompatibility, saving and crashes of apps that happen so very often. Cloud fixes all these problems.

Synchronise. All The Time.

Carbon Cloud enables anyone using a Carbon Suite app to sync their data being worked on constantly with their account (with an internet connection).

Let's get you into the cloud, astronaut.

Get started with the world's most advanced cloud productivity suite.

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